Martian Sunrise

by Umbrage Hill

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I don't know what motivates me most days. I want to be immortal, even though I don't think very highly of the world or its inhabitants (we are pretty stupid sometimes). I don't know what keeps me going or why I don't crave an eventual end to this like so many people. Part of me wants to watch us destroy this world and the next one and so on until the heat death of the universe. Most days I have no motivation but money and feeding my child. Then someone or something reminds me of the feeling I get when I make something new that speaks for me in ways I cannot otherwise express myself. So here we are, this is my latest offering to the gods, angels and demons of music. And part of me wonders if you are out there listening. Are you reading these words I've written? Are you listening to the melancholy in these notes? Do you miss me too? Are you going to return the things I left at your place? Or are you as afraid as I am that that would mark the end. That would be the final chapter and you're not sure if you are ready for this to end? Maybe I am projecting. Sometimes I think I'm ok, sometimes I don't want to get out of bed. I can't say it's gotten any easier. I'm just getting more and m more used to being alone. Art, music, these are my therapy. This is what keeps me moving and trying when the world has brought me down. At the depths of my worst music has always been there for me and it always will. This is for everyone who's ever supported me.

I wish you would call.


released December 30, 2015

Album title coined by Twitter user @Fancy_Puffin
Recorded using Piano, FiRe, Audacity



all rights reserved


Umbrage Hill Idaho

In 2008 I started out as Goghst on now defunct netlabel This Plague of Dreaming.

I've released music as Starry Eyed Night, Madrepora, Chillmiser & most recently Idaho Batholith, as well as R. A. Blum.

I've remixed the Geek Dad & Angry Robot themes by John Anealio landing me a role in Matt Forbeck's book Carpathia.

Umbrage Hill is an anagram of my name. My day job is delivering pizza.
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